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How carefully are you listening to your customers’ needs?

ROI needs are loud, functional needs louder, but it’s hearing the quieter emotional needs that pays dividends.

Click to view video.

Click to view video.

This compelling video from the Mimi Foundation in LaHulpe, Belgium is an outstanding example of listening carefully to ‘customers’ and truly hearing their emotional needs. Coupled with that, is a superb creative response captured in the video. These two elements combined are visible in the wide audience it’s captured which you can see by the number of views.

The creative has been extended into other touches including photography, gallery showing and a book, an outstanding example of emotionally connecting with an audience to highlight a service.

My take outs

  1. Listen for the emotional need – it may not be the thing most loudly voiced by your audience.
  2. Respond to that emotional need with a fitting creative response.
  3. Apply the two consistently in supporting touches to drive audience engagement.



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