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Google’s two-step is a shining example of the power of story.

Link to a google advert in India video on YouTube.

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This advert is a stellar example of a brand driving viewers’ emotional connections to ‘intangible’ services

Step one – connect with characters

Google tells a beautiful story connecting the viewer with likable characters and filling in historic background that lends itself to authenticity.

Perhaps less obvious, and deftly pointed out by Himanshu Gupta in his blog on Medium, is why Google have released this advert in a market where they have 97% share.

Step two – the deft move to mobile

Google are aware of the speed of mobile adoption, particularly in India – watch the advert a second time and look for the early move of search from the desktop to mobile; how mobile is used first in the home and then traveling to demonstrate location specific search, along with responses in ‘cards’ – these reflect Google’s eagerness to encourage seekers away from native apps that offer similar features.

I was fortunate to attend a Google/Mindshare event earlier this year, where ever more sophisticated searches are met using location aware and ‘previous question asked’ sensitive responses (more on that in my previous blog here), all enabling us to create our own stories like the one in the advert.

My take outs:

  1. a great story is the best foundation for sharing information
  2. viewers can engage emotionally with ‘invisible’ services
  3. repeat viewings can reveal the more subtle messages and purpose.



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