Are you building a great content brand, or just an efficient content machine?


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Great content gets picked up, reworked, and occasionally ‘spoofed’ in recognition – this excellent SlideShare asks if you’re building that great content, or if you’re just an efficient content machine.

Grab a coffee, settle down and flick through this really entertaining SlideShare on content marketing if you’re in any way involved in content creation, I think you’ll find it’s well worth a few moments of your time – there are some great pointers inside.

This got me to thinking what great content marketing grabs my attention – and the latest for me has been “Old Spice Australia and New Zealand” with the strap line “In Australia, the men are manly, now they can smell like me”. It’s a great ‘take’ on an already extremely successful advertising campaign for Old Spice, which has spawned a number of ‘spoofs’ including an excellent Muppet version ‘Now you can smell like a monster‘.

Great content tends to get picked up, reworked, ‘spoofed’, and ultimately amplifies the original content. You could argue that the above are commercials – a particular category of content. The Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign, Fridge Raiders ‘Meat Hat’ and O2’s Gurus, are some other great content examples that aren’t traditional commercials, but build their brands – I’ve written more about those in my blog on getting the best out of YouTube.

What great content brands have caught your eye lately – and how have they informed your work?

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