The Blog Quad – Are You In Blog Delight or Disappointment?

A recent work discussion swung to and fro considering whether all blog comments should be acknowledged in some way. Some were in favour, some were against, and as the discussion went on, it struck me that opinions centred on a combination of two things:

  1. whether the author wanted to receive feedback, or not
  2. whether the audience wanted to provide feedback, or not

As with a ‘two things’ combination, a four box model is never far behind, offering it’s ‘top right hand corner’ sweet spot – and here’s mine for blog posts, which I’ve called the ‘Blog Quad’.


In a nutshell, authors are disappointed when they want feedback but don’t engage their audience sufficiently for them to care to provide it. Audiences can get frustrated in a void of acknowledgement of their comments by authors happy to just ‘publish and be damned’. Everyone can be happy publishing and consuming when there’s no expectation of interaction either way or merrily engaging in on-going conversations about the content when there is – that sweet top right hand corner.

So the next time you’re frustrated with a void of comments or an absent author, you might want to give the ‘Blog Quad’ a glance.

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