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I may have to buy a bicycle.

I’ve always liked things that are ‘regular but with a little bit o’ something extra’ – things that you have to pay a bit of attention to see or perhaps invest a smidge of effort in to find, and as a result, they generally go unnoticed. Into this category, yesterday I made a new addition.

In the clothing Venn Diagram that is ‘business’ and ‘casual’ dwells the ‘smart casual / business casual / dress down Friday’ penumbra, a murky place often frequented by chinos, oxford button-down collar shirts, blazers and very occasionally, a sock that neither matches a shoe, nor a belt (wildness)!

Having dined on too many a sweet sugary treat of late, I found that my current penumbra-wear Gap ‘khaki’ trousers required me to hold breath for too long a time to last out a full day and were restricting the circulation to my legs just a tad too long to be sensible – and so a quest for an alternative pair of strides demanded a trip to Oxford Street.

With Oyster card in hand and Olympic ‘hot spot’ fear in my heart, I braved SouthWest Trains and the Tube on Saturday and found a surprisingly quiet West End; well, certainly quieter than the start of my journey in Wimbledon, which was choc-a-block with Olympic tennis spectators, themselves near outnumbered by Olympic volunteers helping them to find their way.

Ultimately I found myself in the Levis store and strangely drawn to their ‘commuter’ range, thinking that I commute and therefore these jeans must be for me, I was near instantly ensnared by the cunning marketing ploys of features that I didn’t really need, but which had triggered my ‘little bit o’ something extra’ alarm.

Nice deep pockets to hold a phone and yet still allowing me to sit down without goring myself – and some extra stretchy bits on the sides so that I can actually retrieve my phone having sat down without having to make like an ironing-board to retrieve it.

They’ve also got some special technical-sounding Scotchgard coating on them, which in a Summer as we’ve just had in England I’m sure will be extremely useful. I’m not sure I’ll need the loop on the waistband to put my bike lock in, nor really the reflective stripes that appear as if by magic should I roll the bottom of my new trousers up – but I like the fact that they’ve been thought about as being useful features for cyclists.

Now of course – I feel I may have to buy a bicycle to go with them!

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Surviving the StarFlyer

Surviving the StarFlyer

Getting to giddying heights at the South Bank Centre

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